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Welcome to the Solid State Depot wiki! Be sure to check out the Boulder Hackerspace/Solid State Depot homepage too!


Board of Directors

  • Andrew Adare
  • Chris "Chrobi" Robinson
  • Dan Julio
  • Mike Seiler
  • Tim Pegg
  • Todd "Bitreaper" Lawall


  • President: Alex Kramarchuk
  • Vice President: Ted Briggs
  • Chief Marketing Officer: OPEN
  • Chief Operations Officer: Andrew Bigoney
  • Chief Technical Officer: Chrobi
  • Treasurer: Tim Pegg
  • Secretary: Dan Julio


Tool Guides



Tools & Equipment

A list of the tools/equipment that are available for member use at the space.
A wishlist of things that we would like for our space; spreadsheet of specific items is here, or see page link above for other general items. If you have anything you'd like to donate/contribute, come to a Tuesday Open House or send us an email at

Active Projects

Completed Projects


Member Blogs