Insulation Installation Collaboration

If you've been by the space lately, it might feel a little warmer and brighter than it typically feels in winter. That is thanks to around 30 4x8 foot insulation panels that SSD members and guests installed on the ceiling during the first week of December.

Over 80 person-hours went into the project. Four meetups were scheduled in late November for Nov 29, Dec 1, Dec 2, and Dec 3, where groups of 3-6 people dedicated a few hours of their afternoon/evening to paint, cut-to-size, and/or harness the tiles between the ceiling trusses with wire.

With an extra session or two to wrap up hanging tiles in the larger sections, and a pre-open-house clean-up call on Tuesday Dec 5 that brought support from members not otherwise involved in the installation, our main room was back in business in a week! These tiles should go a long way toward making our space more comfortable in both winter and summer.

The white paint, applied with Tim's sprayer to the underside of all the tiles, really shows off Dan's lighting better!

Compare before, with the accent lighting shining onto a dingy-brown ceiling surface, to this:

Special thanks to Alex for procuring and donating the tiles along with organizing the meetups, Specter for inspiration & instigation, Gary for loaning the scaffolding, as well as all members & guests who helped paint, cut, hang, and/or tidy up.

There remains a bit left to finish up on the west side of the room: a corridor of mini-panels where the next rafter is relatively inaccessible, and canvas to cover the opening above the Snackerspace. Look for another Meetup coming in January where we will address these remaining areas.

Photos courtesy of Ted, Dan and Liz.