New Space for a New Year

The start of 2019 brings with it the annual process of elections, taxes, Winter weather, and in particular for the Hackerspace; expansion!

We have recently made an exciting addition to our community of makers, creators, and hackers. This comes in the form of an annexation of adjacent space, bringing with it a move for the Metal Shop, an office area, extra storage, and a whole other entrance on what was the rear of our building!

A big thank you needs to go out to the admin team and board members for working hard to orchestrate this. So thank you all!

Storage Galore

Part of the benefit, aside from the extra space, is the chance to make proper and fair use of that space!

SSD has bought 40+ storage totes, for member usage. There's now plenty of clean, tidy, uniform storage for members to store there projects and supplies in the Main Room, while not taking up an excessive amount of room or making the space unpleasant to use.

With the Metal shop moved into the new expansion, there's a wide open space for use in the Main area too. We'd love to hear your ideas on how this can be best utilized, why not send your thoughts in an email using the contact page!

Special thanks to Alex for the organizing, Carter on planning, and of course all who helped make this a reality, turned up and showed out to help make this space even better during the moving! There's still a ways to go until things are settled down, but we've already made great strides!

Stay tuned to our Meetup page as well as keeping an eye on the Calendar for these and other events. Some upcoming events to note: Leadwell CNC Restoration.