Fusion 360 Manufacture - Lines representing cut paths appear over a 3D model

Fusion 360 Manufacture Quick Look

In the Fusion 360 Manufacture session, we’ll use the existing shelf model created in the previous session. With that, we’ll be using it to create gCode to run on the ShopBot at SSD.

You can sign up over on Meetup.com/SolidStateDepot.

The past week’s Fusion 360 intro and familiarization session – we’ll call it ‘Quick Look’ to avoid that mouthful – was a great success! We had live interaction from participants and a tangible result at the end. You can play catchup and watch the recording of the first session here: LINK TO VIDEO

In the upcoming session, scheduled for July 2nd, 7:00 PM, we’ll be covering the basics of the Fusion 360 Manufacture tab, and simple ways to get our designs into a physical medium.

Here’s a rundown of the intended session and what we’ll hopefully cover:

A virtual session on Fusion 360, we’ll be Screen Sharing the call, so that you can ask questions live, we can share tips and tricks, etc.

We’ll be keeping it fairly beginner-friendly, looking at:

    • Preparing for CNC
    • Basic cutting paths & methods for CNC
    • Simple 3D print exports

CAM, or Computer Aided Manufacture, is a powerful asset to add to your suite as a maker. It can dramatically improve, speed up, and simplify certain tasks. Firstly, through improving repeatability by having the parts run the same paths. Secondly, creating a lower barrier to entry for some tasks that might otherwise be intimidating with traditional machinery, for instance. Thirdly, CAM benefits from increases in speed by not having to physically engage the workpiece, freeing you up for small tasks. Lastly, creating accurate parts down to the thousandth of an inch in many cases.

Failing that we’ll at least get people comfortable with the interface!

You can see more info about the first session in the initial Blog Post.

Thank you for joining us in the sessions and again thank you to Jacob of TeaFueledDesign.com for sharing expertise, as well as all the other participants that chip in with tips and knowledge to help the group!