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Donate to our Charitable Organization

We help promote self-sufficiency by re-using and repurposing items, as well as giving access to tools and the skills to use them through membership.


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Encouraging everyone to Make

Donations keep us afloat and allow us to continue reaching out - offering classes from experts and hobbyists alike, and helping to increase the wealth of knowledge in our community, as well as letting us pay for new teachers, and even run robotics programs for school students!

Completely Volunteer run Community

We help keep costs low and engage our strong base of DIY Enthusiasts through a can-do attitude, running the facilities costs upwards of $65,000 annually, and every little bit helps!

We practice what we preach

Donations help us to fill the gaps when memberships won't cover the costs - rent, utilities, upgrades, classes, web servers, the list goes on, all of these cost money, and you can help!


We are a charitable organization focused on the self IMPROVEMENT of people and neighborhoods by BUILDING the knowledge and awareness of the COMMUNITY around us


Sharing our organization to your friends and family also helps so much! After all our goal is to get people making and creating!


If you'd like to learn more, or think about sponsoring memberships for those that may not be able to afford one, contact us!


Just a handful of the people PASSIONATELY COMMITTED to protecting the future of Making and DIY, for our generation and most importantly FOR GENERATIONS TO COME

President: Oleh Kramarchuk

Current President of SSD, and head of the Executive Committee, well versed in running the details of a non-profit. Having served 3 years as our President and a current Board member, he's an invaluable leader.

Operations: Andrew Adare

Charged with Operations and leading the operations committee, Andrew brings organization and skills to our team of impassioned volunteers and members. Directing broad projects to improve SSD, as well as day to day operating responsibilities.

Marketing: Jacob Dodd

Head of Marketing and the marketing committee, Board Member, and woodworking enthusiast, Jacob helps to bring SSD to a wider audience with online publications, classes, and outreach, bringing our mission to more individuals.

Board: Ed Sandor

Ed Sandor is a second term board member, and electronics enthusiast, with an interest in 3D printing, microelectronics, and all things computing. Helping to guide the organization through a level headed approach and risk assessment.

Board: Stephen Chavez

When Stephen isn't pouring his all into SSD, ensuring that we encourage access for all and pushing our mission, he's vehemently working on hacking his wheelchair to be even more awesome, allowing him speech, mobility, and friendship with those that get involved!

Board: Craig DuBois

A fairly recent addition to Colorado, but much appreciated! Craig offers his perspective having run a private maker shop, as well as bringing a wealth of knowledge, teaching, and equipment to SSD in the metal shop. He's also the primary constructor of our access ramp!

Board: Forrest Marvin

Forrest is a multiple term board member, as well as previous Operations chief. His background in tech and large organizations helps us to look at a bigger picture outside of the many many small wins and challenges we experience as a non-profit organization.

VP: Brandon Skari

VP of SSD, and prior multi-term President. Helping to enroll and facilitate new memberships, Brandon believes deeply in the ethos at SSD, to help make more people self sufficient and learn new skills at the same time!

Treasurer: Tim Pegg

Tim is our trusted Treasurer, with many years of experience and prior tenure on the Board of Directors, he's able to intimately know the inner workings of SSD and how everything lines up - ensuring that your donations go to where it's needed most!

CTO: Todd Lawall

Todd is our CTO, responsible for building the strong digital infrastructure that's a necessity in our modern age, whether that's teaching computer controlled smart lighting, or maintaining our computers, which allows us to focus on getting more people making, doing and buidling.

Donate Through PayPal!

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