Grizzly Mill (CNC)

Thanks to the efforts and skills of our members, we have a functional Grizzly Mill, converted to CNC, ready for use on projects that need a certain level of precision.

Taig Mill

Smaller more intricate projects may not always need to be on a large mill, and so we have our smaller Taig mill, also CNC capable.

Vertical Band Saw

The band saw has multiple uses, it allows you to make curved cuts, as well as long cuts. Creating curves can be tricky to get the hang of, but an indispensable tool to have on hand!

Horizontal Band Saw

When you have stock that needs to be broken down, our horizontal band saw is great! Adjusted to slowly descend, it cuts through the material at the appropriate speed, while ensuring a relatively clean cut.

Drill Press

To get clean holes, an accurate sizing, and straight bores, this piece of equipment is key.

Metal Lathe

Lathes are used to machine rounded parts. Ours is capable of achieving this in brass, aluminum, and plastics, harder materials may require more effort on the part of the user!

Chop Saw

Using an abrasive spinning disc, this machine is able to quickly make short work of metals by grinding through them at 90 degrees.