Affordable access to tech and culture

We aim to provide easy access to a space for people of all backgrounds, ages, etc. to create and explore what might not otherwise be possible for them. Our Ethos is a simple one, that no-one should have to go without sufficient knowledge or skills, nor be prevented from taking action based on a lack of access to equipment and tools.

Our mission is to push back against consumerism in Boulder and the surrounding areas, by giving people the chance to become members of a movement  supporting people through education and access to equipment.

Further your knowledge

We encourage members to participate together in creative pursuits and the use of technology! Here you can see several members of Solid State Depot during the Great North American Eclipse. Working together, they constructed a weather balloon, camera, and GPS to relay images to the ground while the eclipse took place through Wyoming. You can read more on this here, and the results of the trip, here!

This is just one of the ways we offer back to the community at large.

We also host open evenings and classes

We host classes that would otherwise be extortionately expensive or prohibitive. Sometimes with industry speakers, other times members will hold events or classes they have a keen knowledge of.

These include for example:

Repair cafes - where members of the public can come to help the environment, their own knowledge, and fellow hackers and makers - by repairing items from home instead of throwing them away or buying new.

Robotics lessons and workshops, involving the youth from local schools and other members of the public, where they're given the chance to work on actual robots while learning about machine processes, safety, and electronics.

Game programming, using open source, free to access software, people can easily create their own programs, games, and utilities with guidance from existing members!

Industry standard machines, periodically we also run classes on CNC Routers, Mills, and Lathes! Including the safety factors involved, the code to run these machines, and the materials capable of being worked.

This and much, much more.

All of this is done with the benefit of having people leave more knowledgeable, more conscientious, and able to live in a more sustainable manner.