What We Need

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Current List

General Items

(Services & stuff we consume regularly or need less acutely)


  • Safety guidelines, how-to-videos, etc. for our tools - please refer and add to the "Tool Guides" page
  • Accounting, Marketing (website, social media)... please attend our monthly Admin meetings or speak to an Admin at our Tuesday night Open House

Safety Related Gear

  • Fire extinguishers, refillable or new with receipt
  • Emergency Eye Wash kit/station
  • Respirator masks

General Equipment and Furniture

  • Permanent markers
  • Dry-erase markers
  • Tape (all kinds)
  • TP, paper towels, hand soap
  • Fold-Up Tables
  • Scissors

Computer or Electronics Related

  • Power strips, that are to code only
  • Networking Gear (switches, hubs, cables)
  • Solder, heat shrink tubing, solder wick
  • Alligator clips

Wood / Metal Working

  • Saw blades (new)
  • Drill bits (new)

What We Don't Need

  • CRT Monitors