Reason # 1 Why Hackerspaces Rock – The people

This post has been a little over due, not a little, a lot and thanks to Dan’s persistence here it is.

During February I was searching for ways to create more permanent arduino based solutions when I stumbled upon a neat kit from a Hackerspace out in Provo Utah named The Transistor. I contacted them before I purchased any to see if they had any “Gorduino” PCBs lying around as I didn’t have anything on hand to make my own (the kit is barebones, no PCB, just the caps/crystal/voltage reg/chip). A great guy name Deven replied and we chatted about things. During our exchange he mentioned sending me stuff at the space.

That was during February when I had been taking a break from the hackerspace as I was between jobs (unexpectedly, the best kind) dealing with some personal “stuff” and so I didn’t actually show up at the space till the end of February when I’d secured a job so that I could pay my dues. Much to my surprise at the space there was a little cardboard box addressed to me. Deven had sent me a box with a bunch of random junk from his desk, which included a servo, switches, a couple arduino kits with some PCBs and more. Way awesome!!!! The note inside read.

Sorry, I Couldn’t find a Gorduino that wasn’t being used. Please enjoy some random shit I had close to my desk. Consider it a hackerspace warming gift.

-The Transistor

I have to say that it caught me completely by surprise and I was touched! There is something about Hackerspaces that brings people together that are made of some pretty awesome stuff. One of my joys of being part of SSD is that I get to meet so many different people who all share a common thread of being willing to be giving of their time and talents to help others. So thanks again The Transistor for the awesome warming gift! We’ll keep you posted about the crazy things we do with the stuff you sent!


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