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Hacker Halloween Hootenanny, this Friday!

Don’t forget for Halloween this Friday, Solid State Depot is throwing a bash: the Hacker Halloween Hootenanny. Be sure to check out the Meetup and the Facebook event for details.

Project of the week: LED Motion bicycle tail light

    This week’s project of the week comes from SSD hacker Rob B.  Not satisfied with any old red LED for his bike’s tail light, he decided to break out some addressable LED strip and add some animation to it. The code generates a sine wave function, and varies the duration and the wavelength […]

Project of The Week: Beetle-Kill Pine Door

Howdy Hackers! Due to high rental costs in Boulder, my roommate and I decided to rent out the living room! It’s a pretty sweet living room, has it’s own separate entrance and a balcony. It made sense to us because the kitchen is the size of the living room with a balcony and entrance as […]

Apple Press Night

Jennifer Farmer brought her home-made cider press to the space tonight, along with apples from her house!  Built with boards and plywood and an automotive jack, the rig cost less than $50. Fresh juice for all!!  Smashing the apples with a 2×4 Getting the apples leveled The apples weren’t quite perfectly leveled, so the jack […]

Come by and say hello at NoCo Maker Faire!

Come by our booth at NoCo Maker Faire, we’d love to chat!  

Optical Probe – a tool for reverse engineering optical protocols.

  From TV remote controls to high speed networking via laser fiber optics, optical communications is done every day. Because most of this information is carried on short pulses of either visible or invisible light, it is impossible to reverse engineer these signals without proper test equipment. But, before you can reverse engineer anything, you […]