Project of the week: LED Motion bicycle tail light



This week’s project of the week comes from SSD hacker Rob B.  Not satisfied with any old red LED for his bike’s tail light, he decided to break out some addressable LED strip and add some animation to it. The code generates a sine wave function, and varies the duration and the wavelength to achieve the effect in the video. For the LED strip, he’s using the LPD-8806 type. The battery is a standard LiPO pack. The controller he’s using is a StripDriver v1 from one of our other hackers John E. StripDriver has been featured in several hacks around the space, and needs it’s own Project Of the Week, which will come soon.

Rob added that he wants to add a “Party mode” soon, that uses the full capabilities of the RGB LEDs on the strip, but the priority was safety, so red are the only LEDs that light up for the current version.

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