Learn How to 3D Print Workshop

3D printing has started to become the talk of the town; so why not throw a workshop and teach others how to use it for their own personal projects? After all, we have 2 of them and have spawned about 18 of these self replicating machines with many other prototypes, trinkets, gadgets, and gizmos that members have made along the way.

ze printas

Saturday, June 1st, the first formal 3D printing workshop at our new location was held with an excellent turnout. A great group of 8 people with a broad spectrum of backgrounds showed up to add this useful skill under their belt and bounce ideas off each other; certainly a stimulating and entertaining environment.


The main point of this workshop was to set you up for success; how to set up the printer correctly:




Calibrate it:



And then how to use the programs necessary to make your idea into a tangible object:


final product



Having access to this emerging technology is nothing short of…Awesome=) I’ll be hosting another workshop June 15th at 3pm; proceeds go towards helping SSD become a better place to Make, Hack, Learn, and Play! Sign up quick because there’s only a limited amount of spots left: http://www.meetup.com/Solid-State-Depot-The-Boulder-Hackerspace/events/121847242/

Looking forward to teaching you how to 3D print successfully and make some cool things=)

Hack on,

Bryant Hadley




Arduino Class at Communikey Festival

On Friday April 27, Solid State Depot teamed up with SparkFun and the CU Hackerspace Club to offer an Intro to Arduino class as part of the Communikey Festival. The class was held at the CU-Boulder campus in the ATLAS building. About 15 students attended. Dave from SparkFun led the instruction and did a wonderful job getting everyone set up and enthusiastically programming Arduino ProtoSnaps to blink and fade LEDs, measure light with a sensor, read minds, etc. About a half dozen or so helpers from the 3 organizations assisted the students in getting set up to program and troubleshoot missing semicolons and the like in their code.

The curriculum for the class was similar to that used in the workshops we’ve put on at SSD. (We’re about due for another one of those, aren’t we? And we’ll try to give a little more advance notice next time!)

Arduino Workshops

Saturday March 17 from 11 am – 2 pm we will be having an Arduino workshop. It will be a combination of “learn basic Arduino” and “train the teachers”. Joel is bringing several Protosnaps for the basic Arduino instruction, cost details forthcoming.

March 24 or 31 we are planning for a more advanced Arduino workshop, stay tuned for details.

On Friday April 27 our friends at the CU Hackerspace Club will be holding an Intro Arduino workshop as part of the Communikey festival. There will be up to 50 spots available for this workshop. So if you miss March 17, mark your calendar for April 27!