Our First Basic Arduino Workshop

On Saturday we held our first workshop on the popular open-source electronics prototyping platform, the Arduino.

We plan to offer this intro workshop again along with some more advanced Arduino workshops as well in 2012. While we certainly had a few bumps – fresh snow, one of our instructors unable to attend, a late start to get the PowerPoint running, etc. – in the end we covered all the bases and the topic generated a lot of interest.

As an introductory workshop we started by installing the software IDE (you all came with different operating systems, bless you, that was a good test!). From there we explained preliminaries of what an Arduino is and what it can do for you. Then in the hands-on portion, attendees set up several circuits and sketches that illustrate a few of the Arduino’s strengths. An outline of our course is here.

Many thanks to Joel for leading the workshop! Thanks also to Lee W, Liz and Dan D-B who assisted during the event, Ross who set the structure, and our 4 attendees for sharing their enthusiasm with us.

Everyone getting down and dirty with their Arduinos

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