Arduino Class at Communikey Festival

On Friday April 27, Solid State Depot teamed up with SparkFun and the to offer an Intro to Arduino class as part of the Communikey Festival. The class was held at the CU-Boulder campus in the ATLAS building. About 15 students attended. Dave from SparkFun led the instruction and did a wonderful job getting everyone set up and enthusiastically programming Arduino ProtoSnaps to blink and fade LEDs, measure light with a sensor, read minds, etc. About a half dozen or so helpers from the 3 organizations assisted the students in getting set up to program and troubleshoot missing semicolons and the like in their code.

The curriculum for the class was similar to that used in the workshops we’ve put on at SSD. (We’re about due for another one of those, aren’t we? And we’ll try to give a little more advance notice next time!)

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