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LED tattoo

Sarah shows off her shiniest tattoo, made with temporary tattoo paper, copper foil, and circuit stickers.  She’s also experimenting with conductive ink instead of the foil.

Wearable LEDs Update

Just a quick note on a couple of our wearable technology (WT) projects: Liz’s raincoat and John’s top hat. Raincoat: This was Liz’s first real WT project taken to completion, and there was definitely some “pound to fit, paint to match” involved in order to meet her goal of having it ready in time to […]

Super Bowl Halftime LED Show

Reposted from Hackerspace member Liz’s blog At halftime during this year’s Super Bowl, Daniel chatted me to ask if I was watching it because there was quite an LED show going on. If you haven’t seen it: Here is a summary of what I could dig up on the technology and some of my personal […]

eTextiles Workshop

Reposted from Hackerspace member Liz’s blog The Path Not Taken When I was a senior in high school I had plans to be a fashion designer. I earned some college credit in fashion attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago one summer. I designed and made some of the clothes I wore. I […]