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Project of The Week: Beetle-Kill Pine Door

Howdy Hackers! Due to high rental costs in Boulder, my roommate and I decided to rent out the living room! It’s a pretty sweet living room, has it’s own separate entrance and a balcony. It made sense to us because the kitchen is the size of the living room with a balcony and entrance as […]

Member Project of the Week!

This is not shameless self-promotion. This is what happens when no one sends me a project to post by Thursday — I post a project of my own! If you’ve been at the space over the last week or two, you’ve seen this taking shape: It’s a desk I’m making using reclaimed pine boards. They […]

Lost-PLA Aluminum Casting

Last Sunday, several Hackerspace members came over to check out my David Gingery-style aluminum casting setup.   We tried “lost-PLA” casting, and it worked out pretty well! Lost-PLA: Works, It Does  The test target was the 3D-printer-classic Yoda head.  It was printed on a RepRap in PLA and bedded directly in sand.  Molten aluminum was […]

Carbon Fiber Fabrication

Why join a hackerspace? Everyone has their own reason, but for me it’s mostly building a community to learn from and share with. But, there are practical reasons, too… some of my projects are messy! A long time ago, I worked at a small satellite company and was good friends with the guy who built […]