SparkFun Open House Recap

On Saturday October 22 we hosted a table at SparkFun’s Open House. Dozens of people dropped by to chat with us about our Hackerspace, projects we have going on, projects they have going on, etc.

SparkFun treated all attendees to a barbecue lunch from Top of the Hill Grill West, and entertainment included a multi-talented performer whose skills included juggling, tight-rope walking and escaping from a straight-jacket while standing on a rubber ball. There were numerous other groups showing things from illuminated art to a hacked light bulb, and a group of people from Metro State College of Denver who are taking a class on electronics focused on the Arduino. SparkFun employees also had a wealth of activities such as an ‘Ask and Engineer’ booth, a tour of the company, and circuitry made with play-doh.

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