Gone Fishing

A few of our members created an interactive digital installation called “Gone Fishing”, now on display at the CU Museum of Natural History in Boulder. As you enter the museum you will be greeted by a school of virtual fish swimming on the floor. Step onto their virtual pond and the fish will swim away from you.

How it works:

Directly above the fish display attached to the ceiling is an XBox Kinect next to a projector. The Kinect is essentially a motion sensing webcam. The Kinect is calibrated to detect where you are within the 2-D fish matrix. The system is constantly updating as you move, and the virtual fish are programmed to avoid your virtual “shadow” within the system (the Kinect sees you, not your shadow that is cast by the projector). The projector projects the image of the fish onto the floor, with the magical result that the fish flee from you as you move.

The installation opened on Friday April 27th 2012 at the CU Museum of Natural History in Boulder and was spawned by the imagination of CU students / CU Hackerspace Club members Todd Bernhard, Jess Garrett, Peter Klipfel and Anne Gatchell. (Todd, Jess and Peter are members of Solid State Depot.) You can drop in and see the fish swimming in their virtual aquarium through the summer and beyond.

Watch it in action:

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