Hack Friday DIY Christmas Skill-share Present Making Extravaganza

Are you sick of all the commercial Christmas hullabaloo? Do you want to give your loved ones gifts that you actually made instead of bought? Do you want to bring back the holiday cheer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then come on down to Solid State Depot on Friday, December 14, 2012, staring around 6:00PM. We will be having a DIY Christmas Gift Making Extravaganza.

What does that entail you ask? Simple, if you have a skill and/or supplies, and you want to share that with others while learning in return, then this is the event for you. People will bring in supplies, show others how to make simple yet impressive gifts, and learn how to make other gifts in return. The idea is to have every person who attends show at least one other person how to make something, and make something themselves, possibly involving a new skill. You don’t have a skill, you say? I don’t believe you. Are you a software developer? Show me how to make a personalized e-card, or how to photoshop a traditional card. Are you a 3-D printing whiz? Show me how to make a customized ornament. Electronics are your thing? Let’s add some LEDs to that ornament. Know how to paint? Let’s make some art! The possibilities are endless!!!

This will also be a Christmas celebration for all those who haven’t skipped town for the holidays, so bust out the ugly sweater, dust of the Christmas albums (or mp3s) and bring a mug for eggnog. (eggnog will be provided; if you want to add anything to that nog, you’ll have to byob)

WHO: You and your friends, this is for all paying and non-paying members
WHAT: Making gifts, learning new skills, sharing old skills, using up all those old supplies, drinking eggnog and having a happy holiday
WHEN: Friday, December 14, 2012 @ 6:00PM-??
WHERE: Solid State Depot, 5311 Western Ave #115 Boulder, CO 80301
WHY: To take back Christmas into the hands of those who love to make

If you plan on coming, please, please, please RSVP on the Meetup page (or here if you don’t have or desire a meetup account), and please add a comment there (or here) regarding what skill you plan on sharing, what you would potentially like to learn and what supplies you are willing to bring. This is a no-spectators event. If you come, you will be expected to participate. Hope to see you there!



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