2014 Election at Solid State Depot

Is January almost over already?! It seems like we were ringing in the New Year just yesterday. And, as with any new year, it is a time for change, for renewed commitments, and for looking ahead to the future. This past Tuesday (January 21, 2014) we held our second ever election for the new, 2014 Board of Directors for Solid State Depot. As laid out in our Bylaws, the number of Board members is proportional to the number of members we have. Thus, this year we elected seven Board of Directors. Please welcome the 2014 SSD Board:

Dan Julio

Rob Bryan

John English

Liz Baumann

Marianne Reddan

Ben Burdette

Joel Bartlett

A special thanks goes out the 2013 Board members for being so brave as to be the first ever Board of an up-and-coming hackerspace.

The 2013 SSD Board. From left to right: Andy Tracy, John English, Dan Julio, Joel Bartlett, Bryant Hadley 

A special thanks also goes out to the members who took on officer roles in 2013.

The 2013 SSD Officers. From left to right: Top: Jeff Blamey (Marketing Officer) Middle: Andy Tracy (Secretary), Chris Robinson (Technical Officer), Dan Julio (Facilities), Joel Bartlett (President) Bottom: John English (Vice President), Liz Baumann (Treasurer), Bryant Hadley (Operations Officer) Not Pictured: Paul Birkelo (Marketing), Brian Krent (Marketing)

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