Starting up the “project of the week” again

Wow, it’s been a while since the blog has been updated with a member project. However, I know for a fact that our members are always busy with projects: we talk about them every Tuesday night! So in the spirit of Do-ocracy, I’ve started pestering my fellow hackers to get me information on their projects, so we can post them here. For a quick list of examples, we have members working on projects like:

  • power monitoring solutions for the home (several members building their own systems)
  • some of those power monitoring solutions extend into home automation
  • a solar powered base station to extend networking beyond a foothill to his house in the next valley
  • reverse-engineering an RC car’s protocol
  • ultra high resolution microphotos:
  • an LED video screen on a wearable shirt
  • art projects for Apogea and Burning Man art festivals
  • an LED augmented motion sensitive umbrella
  • a cargo bike
  • hand crafted teardrop trailer

In addition to these individual projects, we also have ongoing work on the hackerspace itself.

  • we’ve obtained four Lulzbot printers from their production line retrofit. This is where hackerspaces were given the option to buy their phased out equipment for cheap. A couple of our members have taken on the task of getting them up and running and at home in what was our admin office.
  • some members working on an aquaponics setup, including one at the space

As we get back to project of the week, we will feature these projects and more. Stay tuned…

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