Spring Clean and BBQ 2018

This past Sunday (8th April) we celebrated the space by giving it a little love, with a Spring clean and BBQ!

Tim wrangled the grill between cleaning sessions and renovations. There were sausages, veggies, burgers, veggie burgers, buns, chips, dips, sauces, and a lot of good fun to be had.

A lot was tackled in the days agenda: The Electronics Room received a deep sorting, the Admin Office was cleared out and organized, the carpets shampooed and scrubbed to an airy freshness, the Woodshop deep cleaned and reorganized to a more optimal layout. The Main Room received a sprucing up with special attention given to our large old table, which was sanded clean, stained, followed by a beautiful rendition of the SSD logo, then finished.

Main Room

The main room was sorted and a lot of things organized and assigned places.

The main thing people are going to notice is that the old, dirty table in the center of the room was subjected to multiple sanding sessions and applied with a SSD green stain! The logo was then incorporated right into the table using the power strip as the central logo line, with black paint making up the remainder.

Shelving has been cleared for more surface area potential for projects, the large format plotter (printer) has been touted for a new position in the space, replacing the laser printer which will be moving to the Admin Office.


The Woodshop received a lot of love from Jacob, Dan, and Tim, as well as the much appreciated sorting and labeling of small tools by Liz.

The bulk of the work, as you'd imagine in a Woodshop, was dust related. From emptying bins, and throwing out many tiny scraps, to pulling benches off the walls to sweep and vacuum behind and under them. Additionally we were able to re-orient the shop to better suit the needs of the many.


Jacob built a sheet goods storage which has a straight shot to the bay door as well as being easily accesible to the ShopBot CNC. The pupose being that sheet good can be stored on a rolling base without piling up against the walls, slowly making the space smaller!

Dan was a champ when it came to dust busting and a lot of the work was on him to methodically clean from the far end of the room to the doors.

Electronics Room

A lot of effort was put into repairing shelving, sorting through old components, and generally organizing the thousands of electronics parts in the Electronics Room!

We now have all the resistors in the right places, labeled, and accessible. Additionally there was talk of restructuring some of the rooms to be more matched to their intended niches - this could include moving the 3D printing from the electronis to the Main Room work bench as an attempt to have the Electronics room be more focused on electronics. Stop by the space on a Tuesday evening in the coming weeks if you are interested in giving your opinion and thoughts on this.

Admin Office and Snackerspace

The Admin Office, long overdue for a cleaning was sorted through, and given some love. Including the cleaning of the shelves, tables and surfaces, along with the excellent carpet clean job that was carried out in the small rooms as well as the Snackerspace, there was also a solid effort to purge some of the accumulated 'things' that have piled up in the last few months!

In the days prior we'd also had some artwork created on the wall!

Special thanks to Liz for the organizing, Tim on the grill, and of course all who turned up and showed out to help make this space even better! We accomplished a lot and even had a good time doing so.

Stay tuned to our Meetup page as well as keeping an eye on the Calendar for these and other events. Some upcoming events to note: CNC certification on Thursday 19th April, Weekly Robotics workshop on Thursdays, and of course we'll be hosting our Fall BBQ later in the year!