SSD becomes home of Twirling Tech Goddess!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted so many areas, services, lives particularly black makers and BIPOC, but has also lead to opportunities in some areas!

One such opportunity for SSD arose when the Twirling Tech Goddess, we'll call her TTG, had to scramble to find somewhere to host her web series after the CU makerspace was closed for the foreseeable future.

Educational, Fun, Unique

TTG shows off their creations

A Wealth of Knowledge

TTG has a wide range of knowledge and shares this in her YouTube Channel videos, over at

From Arduino and wearable tech to 3D printing, airbrushing, lasers, the list grows every week!

As a Black, Queer, Engineer, LeeLee is a great addition to SSD and helps further the goal of getting making and DIY out there to communities across Colorado, the US, and further! We're particularly pleased to have some better representation of how diverse and inclusive the maker community aims to be!

"The family that SLAYS together, increases their socioeconomic status together"

From her YouTube channel, TTG describes the goal of the show as one...

...that explicitly encourages radical diversity and inclusion by making the process of learning tech more fun, accessible, and relatable to people underrepresented in STEM.

And I think we can all get behind that idea!

If you're a fan of design, dance, and deservedly diva attitude, subscribe to TTG at LeeLee's YouTube Channel for weekly episodes! And try to see if you recognize any of the backgrounds here at SSD in those shots.