Must-Have Cybersecurity Steps to Protect and Preserve Any Businesses


You already know how important a website can be for the success of your mission and your business, but did you know that it’s also necessary to focus on cybersecurity? Cybersecurity can help protect your website and other vital aspects of your small business. With this in mind, Solid State Depot offers some steps to take. ​

Plan For an Attack Before It Happens 

Preventing attacks should be your number one cybersecurity goal, but it’s equally important to have a plan in place for surviving a successful hack. That’s because, unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way for any business to avoid a cyberattack from happening. Just take a look at some of the most recent (and most expensive) cyberattacks that have impacted global titans of industry and government. Even federal agencies like the IRS, DOD, and SBA haven’t been able to thwart breaches and attacks. 

Start your cybersecurity refresh by building a comprehensive and succinct response plan. A data protection and recovery firm can provide the resources and services you need to build this plan, which should fit your business model, have strong security protocols, and provide multiple layers of infrastructure protection through monitoring, prevention, and restoration. 

Understand Common Cybersecurity Risks 

Know that while you can’t prevent all attacks, educating yourself around the most prevalent ones can definitely help your business. According to the SBA, current issues include:

● Malware

● Ransomware

● Viruses

● Phishing

All of these threats can be costly and stressful for businesses to deal with, but ransomware has become a preferred weapon of choice in some of the most recent attacks. If you live on the East Coast, you may have even noticed a recent rush on gas stations, the result of a ransomware attack on a key pipeline that supplies gasoline to this region of the country. 

As you can see, cyberattacks can take a toll on businesses, but they can also have wider impacts on society and the economy as a whole. This is another good reason for business owners to educate themselves and remain proactive in preventing attacks. 

Prevent Attacks From Bringing Down a Business 

A successful cyberattack can bring government agencies and essential services to a halt. You can imagine the impacts that a breach or attack can have on smaller-sized businesses. In fact, the dark truth is that most businesses fold less than a year after experiencing an attack. 

It’s a statistic you can’t afford to overlook, but luckily, there are some practical and simple measures you can put in place to protect your small business. Kaspersky recommends the following for proactive business owners:

● Ensure employees are properly trained around cybersecurity.

● Routinely perform cybersecurity risk and threat assessments.

● Install and update antivirus and security software products. 

Another helpful tip is to make sure your website is secure from would-be criminals. This is a tiny detail many small business owners can miss, and that can leave the heart of their businesses vulnerable to attacks. If you’re not comfortable taking steps to secure your website on your own, consult with a cybersecurity firm. 

One look at the statistics and numbers, and you can see why it’s so important to make cybersecurity a top priority for your small business. Sure, profits and customers are also essential, but without proper security measures and recovery plans in place, you could lose out on your customer relationships and profits anyhow. You could even lose your entire business. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash