Raspberry Pi Roadshow

Raspberry Pi Roadshow (August 14, 2013)

Rob Bishop, an engineer and evangelist for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, stopped by the Solid State Depot Boulder Hackerspace as part of the Raspberry Pi United States Roadshow! Rob’s talk “Raspberry Pi — One Year On” covered both the origin story of the Raspberry Pi as well as outlining recent developments. The talk presented technical information about the Raspberry Pi alongside a discussion of the Foundation’s educational aims. After the presentation, there was an opportunity for an in-depth Q&A on both educational and technical matters.

We basked in the glory of the useful little microcomputer known as the Raspberry Pi!  Useful for education, hacking, productivity, and even playing games like Quake 3 Arena—rather nice for low-cost computer! Several people brought their Raspberry Pi related projects for show and tell—including a digital music keyboard synthesizer and a MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) system. See the event listing on Meetup.com for more information.

Raspberry Pi Roadshow 2013

Fix-It Clinic with Eco-Cycle

Volunteers of the Solid State Depot Boulder Hackerspace, along with Eco-Cycle, coached and assisted citizens of the Boulder, Colorado area in need of electronic equipment repair as part of the Fix-It Clinic event on Sunday, August 11th.  By not only helping fix, but also helping teach and educate by demonstration, the Solid State Depot volunteer fix-it coaches aided those from the community in the process and approaches required to fix their appliances instead of throwing them out.

The Fix-It Clinic coaches repaired appliances vacuums, toasters, two blenders, a scanner, and various other appliances.  Of note was a broken plastic part for a blender.  To replace it, Solid State Depot member Rob Bryan rapidly, algorithmically defined and modeled a replacement part using OpenSCAD, and then Bryant Hadley handled the 3D printing of the modeled part at the hackerspace.

Replacement Part Modeled in OpenSCAD

Replacement Part Modeled in OpenSCAD

This is even more recently relevant, since last month Colorado followed suit with 19 other states and banned the dumping of electronic waste into its landfills. Notably, the health risks associated from heavy metals from various electronics potentially escaping out of the landfills and into groundwater has prompted this movement.  There are electronic waste handling facilities, but the processes required to recycle the electronic equipment can also be rather toxic. Thus, by repairing instead of disposing, we reduce the negative impact upon our environment.

3D Printed Blender Replacement Part

3D Printed Blender Replacement Part

Facilities such as the Solid State Depot offer an important venue in the community — allowing people to get together and have access to tools and resources for tinkering, creating, making, and repairing that are often collectively too costly and take up too much space for most individuals to have all in one spot. In the end, fun and excitement was had by all in the exploration and discovery of the household devices around us all.

Grand Opening Extravaganza April 27

We are having an event to celebrate our move to our new space:

WHAT: The Solid State Depot Grand Opening

WHEN: Saturday April 27, 2013 from 3pm to midnight

WHERE: Our new location at 1965 33rd. St. Unit B, Boulder, CO

WHY: To celebrate moving into our new space!

COST: Free for everyone to attend; donations appreciated*


We’re here to show you what kind of projects people have worked on, what tools we have available for your projects, and introduce you to a proactive community of awesome makers making things at our new location!

If you are already a member, bring some friends who might enjoy our company. If you’re new to our group, stop by, say hello and check out our new digs.


3pm- meet and mingle
4:30-6:30pm – food & drink**
7:30 – Special Project Surprise event to blow your mind!
8:30-12 – Live music, hang out, have fun


***At the event there will be a sign up for 2 workshops held the next day that you can only sign up for at our Grand Opening
***We have 3D Printed prize giveaways and a raffle.
***Awesome music will be playing and you can even get your hands on a theramin!
***We’ll be presenting an awesome project at 7:30PM that will blow your mind!!


*Currently we are trying to raise funds to become a legitimate nationally recognized 501c3 Non Profit and to fund for the adjacent space next to us so we can build an even more solid hacker foundation here in boulder. For the biggest contributors we will mill out a piece of aluminum with your name on it and hang it on the wall for all to see in gratitude for helping SSD succeed!

**SSD will only be providing non-alcoholic beverages. If you would like alcoholic beverages feel free to BYOB, or you can visit the Twisted Pine tap house right around the corner from us. They will be open from 12pm-9pm the day of the grand opening.