ShopBot CNC

We have a full size ShopBot CNC machine with a 8 feet by 4 feet working area and the ability to cut solid wood, plywood, plastics, and more. People have used this for everything from 2.5D cuts, 3D carves, and numerous circular cuts! Click here to reserve time on the ShopBot.


Table Saw

We have a cabinet/table saw with a cast iron top, this allows you to make repeatable quick cuts, using the fences or a mitre gauge. This is possibly the most versatile tool in the shop, with a little practice.

Band Saw

The band saw has multiple uses, it allows you to make curves cuts, as well as cuts in very deep materials. Using the rails you can make straight cuts. Tricky to get the hang of, but an indispensible tool to have on hand!

Router Table

Our router table consists of a mounted 27,000 RPM router which benefits from being attached to the table saw to allow for dual use of the fence for straight routing, and also has a library of bits to use with it.


Jointing lumber to have flat faces is an important step when working with reclaimed or rough lumber. Use this to create 2 clean faces then move over to the Planer and Table Saw to square things up.


The Planer, Thicknesser, Thickness Planer, goes by numerous names, but the main function is creating clean and parallel sides on boards.

Compound Miter Saw

Sometimes referred to as a Chop saw, this is for cutting a variety of straight angles, able to tilt 45 degrees in 2 axes, you can create angled cuts for a range of applications.

Drill Press

Our Drill Press is set up for drilling woods, but with the clever use of a belt drive can be adjusted (with the right bit) to drill through other materials, such as plastics and even metals.

Dust Collection

Health and Safety are important aspects of a woodshop, people normally remember things like personal protective equipment, however, we encourage all members to make use of our vacuums and dust collectors for everyone's protection from dust.