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Project Overview

Project Name Date Started Current Owner
Collaborative Workplace Puzzles December 9, 2011 Christian

Project Details

Project Purpose

Create collaborative puzzles which appeal to a large percent of people in a workplace and allow them to create something together.

Project Concept

A set of workplace puzzles that could be worked on in layers. An example of what I'm talking about might be 10 puzzle boxes with jigsaw pieces inside. Those pieces combine to make 1 larger puzzle, which when assembled provides a math equation which yields a number which is then used to solve the next layer. These puzzles should be brief - 5 to 10 minutes to provide a "quick hit" when people need to take a break. They should also provide lots of opportunity for different skill sets so that people end up working as a team to complete the puzzle. Lastly, these should not require the use of a computer or smartphone, though the latter may be OK.

Help Needed

  1. A few folks who can help me brainstorm ideas for puzzles.
  2. Someone who likes designing puzzles or problems

Next Steps

12/13 at 6pm - Brainstorming Puzzle Ideas


August 25, 2013

I set up a new puzzle at the space. People will have to find it to solve it...

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