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Welcome to the Solid State Depot wiki! Be sure to check out the Boulder Hackerspace/Solid State Depot homepage too!


Board of Directors

  • Andrew Adare
  • Chris "Chrobi" Robinson
  • Dan Julio
  • Mike Seiler
  • Tim Pegg
  • Todd "Bitreaper" Lawall


  • President: Alex Kramarchuk
  • Vice President: Ted Briggs
  • Chief Marketing Officer: OPEN
  • Chief Operations Officer: Andrew Bigoney
  • Chief Technical Officer: Chrobi
  • Treasurer: Tim Pegg
  • Secretary: Dan Julio




A list of the tools/equipment that are available for member use at the space.
This is our wishlist of things that we would like for our space. If you have anything you'd like to donate/contribute send us an email at .

Active Projects

  • High Altitude Balloon Eclipse 2017: Balloon flown in Wyoming during the Aug 21, 2017 eclipse.
  • Amarino Embed (a.k.a. OBI): Enables Android applications with a background service that communicates with Arduino via Bluetooth
  • AndroidHTTPD: The thinnest and fastest embeddable HTTP server available for Android. Based on NanoHTTPD.
  • Autonomous Vehicle: for competition in SparkFun's AVC contest in June 2012
  • Autoponics: for the botanists in the crowd
  • Collaborative Workplace Puzzles
  • CNC: computer controlled machining
  • Cyclophone: Circular keyboard OSC controller
  • Kickstarter: video Project
  • Lasersaur build: plans to build an open source laser cutter
  • Open Data: Making what we do at the space available to the world
  • Photo Kiosk: a display of the people and things going on at the space
  • Print3r Slicing Server: Automated bulk GCode slicing in Java. Drag-and-drop STL files, get GCode output via Slic3r.
  • Reprap prusa build: a style of 3D printer created by the reprap project
  • Solar Engine: to produce concentrated solar power
  • SoundPuddle : An interactive LED art installation
  • Wearable Technology: eTextiles projects combine electronics in clothing and other flexible materials

Completed Projects


Member Blogs

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