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The photo kiosk is a way to get to know the people at the space as well as see what has been going on there recently. Anyone can access the content and add their own.


  • Screen at the space
  • Actively updated content



I decided to make things super easy and design it with a Raspberry Pi and an old TV that someone donated.


Andy Tracy


July 17, 2013


It is proving very difficult to set up the RPi to start the slideshow on boot. I've tried a number of methods:

In the end, I found that this one works, but it won't start on boot:

  • (Gthumb method)

Also, I don't have an ethernet cable that's long enough to reach our switch. I will wait until I have more time to think about the project to make another big move. I kind of like just having a RPi terminal set up at the space to monkey around with anyway.

June 22, 2013


I've ordered a Raspberry Pi and commandeered an old TV at the space. I looked at a few other attempts to do the same project and it looks like I can probably get it going in an afternoon of debugging at the space. My initial thought for content is having the Pi pull from our dropbox account, which is already on the share drive at the space.

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