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The geocache is a part of the world wide game of geocaching. We would like to have a hacker-themed one at the space to get people to stop by and send our little 3d-printed tchotchkes out into the world.


  • Make a geocache that meets the basic Groundspeak requirements
  • Require some hacker-spirit to unlock the cache/give it a hackerspace flair
  • Keep stocked with 3d printed objects/little electronic things


Geocaching website


Our basic design ideas are:

  1. Arduino based. Andy will donate an Uno R2.
  2. Require some kind of user input to open a lock. Maybe a keypad? maybe a keyBOARD a la Willy Wonka?


  • Andy Tracy
  • Jordan Buchman


Aug 20, 2013

I decided to give in and just post the cache across the street with a basic container: The lockbox will find a purpose yet...

July 22, 2013

We decided to use the old mailbox from the old space to contain the electronics. I got the entire mailbox put together and plugged it in, set up the page on, and stuck some 3D printed tchotchkes in it. However, after submitting the cache for review, it turns out that we are too close to the Twisted Pine cache: Back to the drawing board, I suppose. I am coming up with ideas of things that we could stick either in the parking lot across the street or the shrubberies nearby. The one that I set up already might just have to be a funny lockbox outside the space--I'll keep thinking about what to use it for.

April 1, 2013

We currently have an arduino connected with a 12-key keypad and a servo. Typing the correct 5-digit number into the keypad will "unlock" the servo (i.e. turn it 180 degrees). We don't have anything to put it in yet.

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