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A haunted house would be a great way to show off a lot of the things we are working on. In 2011 we held a Day of the Dead party and while we did not show off all of our talents, it was a successful event with a lot of light and potential. We have a lot of ideas and so should keep in mind for 2012 the idea to expand to a haunted house. Another option would be to partner up with an existing haunted house production to enhance what they have already got going. Apogaea had a haunted house in 2011 so that is another idea to consider if we want some pre-Halloween experience partnering with others on our ideas.

Individual Project Ideas

Primary Ideas/Projects Thus Far:

  • ArdOuija
  • various robots
  • Claws-a-plenty
  • mad scientist lab
  • things in 3-D / 3-D glasses
  • animatronic snake
  • egg-laying Alien from the Aliens movies, using the ovipositor (Kurt's former venting system)
  • hand like in Adam's Family
  • plants gone wild as in Little Shop of Horrors
  • black monolith from the movie 2001
  • Terminator(s), maybe using the JVC stereo speakers, or TV parts (and claws)
  • get creative with mirrors
  • combination(s) of above and/or below!

Other things that are less 'fleshed' out:

  • robot surgery
  • laser show
  • optical illusions
  • interactive stuff
  • wearable technology

Purpose, Logistics

  • fundraiser or not?
  • where to hold it, whether to partner, etc.
  • if at our space, have a separate party area as well?


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Project Log

March 17, 2011

Started Wiki page

April, May 2011

Minor updates (we haven't forgot about it, still planning on it :)

November 2011

Updated to mention our Day of the Dead party Nov 1 and partnering idea for next year's consideration.

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