Hackerspace a’ rumblin

So things have been going really well at the Hackerspace lately. We’ve had some people join, including another Ross (which is a little weird for me) which is just awesome. Every person that is part of the space brings their own unique attributes and contributions which help make the space that much better. Heaven forbid I say something like “synergy” but that is what it is. As a group we are more then the sum of our parts. Anyways, along with new people we’ve also had some new equipment come our way via some wonderful donations (thanks Anne!) and some savvy shoppers and yard sale wanderers (you know who you are!).

For those of you who have been to the space before this last week, you should come back. Last Saturday there was a huge re-organization to separate out the computer working areas and all the machining tools.

We’ve taken over the front half of the space we were in which is now the main computer / meet and greet space.

The back end is still getting organized as we’ve got some machines that need to be put on tables which still need to be built.

Basically right now in the back we’ve got

  • Soldering station with microscope inspection tool (can’t see it in the image, to the left you can see the table, barely)
  • Radial Arm Saw (Liz)
  • Small Drill press (Anne!)
  • Large Pneumatic Band Saw (sort of working, needs a new switch / fuse) (Anne!)
  • 1 donated lathe – semi working, needs stand and some cleanup not to mention tooling (Anne!)
  • 1 on loan lathe (thanks Edwin)
  • 1 on loan belt sander (Edwin)
  • 1 on loan grinder (Edwin)
  • 1 corded drill (Dan Z.)
  • Lots of hand tools, saws, clamps, bits etc.
  • Some spare lumber
  • A nice bike maintenance stand (thanks, don’t know who brought it)

Right now we’ve got a great bike lighting (POV) workshop being organized, stay tuned for more details. But as a teaser here is some video 🙂

Also, it looks like were going to be having a BBQ on Saturday the 14th at 5pm. So bring your hacking spirit and eat some foods!

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  1. Daniel Z. says:

    Also 1 small donated belt sander (Anne!)