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Android Quick Start Class

Hi everyone, Ross H. here. I’ll be teaching a class this upcoming September 24th (12pm – 2pm) on getting started with Android development. The class is free for paying SSD Members (though a donation equal to the course value would be appreciated as the course fee is going towards rent for the space). The general public is welcome and the fee is 10$.


Here is the proposed schedule of what will be covered.

Android Overview
-Brief History
-The Android Stack
-Advantages of Android
-Quick overview of how Android “Java” is different from “Sun/Oracle” Java (Dalvik VM vs Java VM)
-Native Libraries in Android
Brief Overview – Main Building Blocks
-Content Provider
-Broadcast Receivers
-Application Context
Getting your hands dirty
Get Android SDK & Eclipse up and Running
-Install SDK
-Get Eclipse
-Get a virtual device up and running (or USB)
Hello World
-Quick and Dirty Hello World
-USB devices -> get it running

Sorry, no fancy flier 🙂

Depending on interest I will be teaching an Android class once a month for the foreseeable future so if you don’t / can’t make it to this one no fear, plan on coming to another.

Happy Hacking,


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One Response to “Android Quick Start Class”

  1. Trevor H. says:

    Thanks for the class Ross, it was extremely helpful in getting started with Android. I really liked the discussion on the Android’s Activity life cycle. I look forward to, and am hopeful for, a class next month!