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Autoponics Update: The Surreality of (Hacker)Space Farming

If you haven’t been by the space lately, you are missing out on the future! The future that is robotic farming, aka Autoponics. I remember Daniel Z talking about this idea over a year ago and it is now a growing concern, quite literally. A grant from CU was quite motivating to make the Autoponics […]

Autoponics Report

We met up at Solid State Depot around 1PM and started drawing up some plans for a setup to test different sprayers with the 1/2 horsepower 1″ water pump. Pretty quickly, we realized that we needed bins, more pipe and fittings, and a ball valve to make it all work. So, we went on a […]

Autoponics: The Future of Food

Growing  a plant seems like a fairly straightforward affair, right? Stick a seed in the ground, apply regular water and sunshine, and a few months later, voila.  Sure, that may cut it for the budding agriculturalists of 10,000 BP who had a small tribe to feed. But what about modern society and its globally interconnected community, […]