Spring Clean and BBQ 2018

This past Sunday (8th April) we celebrated the space by giving it a little love, with a Spring clean and BBQ!

Tim wrangled the grill between cleaning sessions and renovations. There were sausages, veggies, burgers, veggie burgers, buns, chips, dips, sauces, and a lot of good fun to be had.

A lot was tackled in the days agenda: The Electronics Room received a deep sorting, the Admin Office was cleared out and organized, the carpets shampooed and scrubbed to an airy freshness, the Woodshop deep cleaned and reorganized to a more optimal layout. The Main Room received a sprucing up with special attention given to our large old table, which was sanded clean, stained, followed by a beautiful rendition of the SSD logo, then finished.

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Cleanup aftermath

Here are the pictures from the clean up..  This is the stuff that was not labeled and needs to be gone through or its out in a week.


This is the new member storage…I think everyone should be able to see there labeled storage containers.

20150801_171127 20150801_17113020150801_171121 20150801_171138 20150801_171145 20150801_171200 20150801_171210 20150801_171316


This is the stuff on the front burner to go out the  door..  Please make arrangements if you see your stuff here.

Reach out on the Google group and let someone know sooner rather than later.


20150801_171358 20150801_171407 20150801_171416


Thank you to everyone that helped and if you see your stuff and you still want it, again  please reach out to someone sooner than later.