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Welcome to the Solid State Depot wiki! Be sure to check out the Boulder Hackerspace/Solid State Depot homepage too!


Board of Directors

  • Joel Bartlett
  • Andrew Bigoney
  • Rob Bryan
  • John English
  • Sarah Gjestvang
  • Chris "Chrobi" Robinson
  • Brandon Skari


  • President: Brandon Skari
  • Vice President: Mike Seiler
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Sarah Gjestvang
  • Chief Operations Officer: Christian Lott
  • Chief Technical Officer: Andrew Bigoney
  • Treasurer: John English
  • Secretary: Liz Baumann




A list of the tools/equipment that are available for member use at the space.
This is our wishlist of things that we would like for our space. If you have anything you'd like to donate/contribute send us an email at .

Active Projects

Completed Projects


Member Blogs