Here Are Short Biographies
For Some of Our Members

(In no particular order)


Mike Seiler, MSEE

Mike Seiler, MSEE – Hackerspace Vice President

Wide range of experience:
Embedded systems, Arduino, ARM SOC, sensors, analog design
c/c++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python


Christian LottChristian Lott, Database Developer

Go, Python, VB, etc

Working on: Z80 CPM single board, book scanner


Ben BurdetteBen Burdette, Programmer

C++. Haskell, Clojure, Linux, Guitar, Cyclophone.

Interested in making instruments and audio hacking.


Brandon SkariBrandon Skari, programmer – Hackerspace President

Interested in Python, Rust, inexpensive autonomous robots



John MaushammerJohn Maushammer – Embedded programmer

Embedded systems, software algorithms, reverse engineering, carbon fiber.  I (legally) hacked in to one-time-use cameras and made them reusable. Also made an OLED watch that played Pong and Asteroids. My favorite aspect of SSD is the community — I love seeing what other people are doing and chiming in with my useless ideas. Also, sharing what I know as a way of honoring my mentors that taught me.


John English

John English – Electrical Engineer

Interested in electrical engineering, power electronics, analog design, RF, microcontrollers, FPGAs, and eclectic projects that include those topics. I’ve been part of the group since the beginning, and enjoy SSD as a social outlet to work on fun technologies with new and old friends.


Liz BaumannLiz Baumann

Civil engineering/GIS/geomatics grad student who has also designed and/or collaborated on LED and EL wire infused clothing, an art installation, and props & costumes for operas. I’ve been part of the SSD admin team in various capacities from 2013-2016.


paulWalmsleyPaul Walmsley – System software developer

focusing mostly where the hardware meets the software.  Hacks on the Linux kernel on SoC device architecture, power management, and device reliability.  Interested in open-source FPGA toolchains and SoCs.