SparkFun’s Autonomous Vehicles and SSD’s After-Party

Below is a short recap of June 16’s two events, SparkFun’s annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition, and the following after-party at our space.

The AVC was a fun event, several SSD’ers were there to cheer on the ground and air vehicles trying to make it around the SparkFun building in Gunbarrel. Details in SparkFun’s recap of the AVC. In addition to the competition, SparkFun offered tours of the building, catered food for purchase, live music and other announcer entertainment.

After the AVC we held a party/bbq at our space on Western Ave. In addition to the food we had a number of activities: Peter brought his DJ setup and spun tunes for us and Chris C, Ry N, Ben B, Tijlon and others played guitars. John E brought the centerpiece for his hit Apogaea art installation, the Sound Puddle. We got our Rubens’ tube going after dark – videos
here (with description of construction),
here (to guitar, shows more definition in the wave), and
here (close-up).
The food was great and the conversation was lively. We’ll try to make this a once-a-quarter activity 🙂

SparkFun AVC + Afterparty at SSD on June 16

On Saturday, June 16 SparkFun is having their annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition from 8:30 am – 5 pm. There is a spectator registration so they can plan accordingly, accessible through their link. The event is free to watch and registration will take you approximately 17 seconds.

Post-AVC the SSD is having an afterparty, so drop by our lovely space at 5311 Western Ave #115 for an evening of gleeful geekery and fabulous fun & potluck food. In addition to friendly banter about the AVC participants, we will also be paying homage to the influential Alan Turing who would have been 100 years old in June. The biggest reason to come, though, is to hang out with a bunch of intriguing, imaginative, and innovative people, which is undoubtedly our biggest asset.

Bring: food/drink to have & share (barbecue available), something to show and tell.

We’ll have: lots of interesting things to show and tell about and we will provide some food and drink (so no worries if you can’t bring anything, the important thing is you, just bring yourself 🙂

Our plans are to have most if not all of the following impossible things on hand to dazzle your senses:
. watch music fire dance on a Ruben’s tube
. watch music LED dance on Bryant’s Boom Cube
. play with John M’s achy-breaky gearless heart (warning, it’s pretty fragile, please be gentle)
. watch the Reprap 3D printer replicate itself and/or Yoda’s head
. turn Lizz on by playing with her fire (I mean, lightning)
. watch the plants grow in the Autoponics room
. play games with Free’s balls (from Orbotix, driven and popularized by Obama when he was in town)
. embarrass yourself trying to use one of John E’s hula hoops
. see how Rob’s 2-gear red bike works
. play games on Rob’s MAME arcade
. shock yourself with EL wire
. an impromptu cruiser bike ride is not out of the question

No RSVP needed, drop in when you can, see you then!