Weekend of January 18: Set Up Retail Cabinet on Saturday, BKG on Sunday

This coming weekend we have a couple of events planned at the Boulder Hackerspace:

Saturday 1pm-?: Set up Retail Shelf

A short while back Rob bought a display cabinet to make into our retail shelf and we keep talking about getting it set up, so this coming Saturday January 21 we’ll do that! It needs an interior shelf and a lock. Also it would be a good time to get our donation box set up & secured.

Anyone is welcome to just drop in and say hi and check out the space as well. We’ll probably start cabinet activity around 1 pm but feel free to come anytime after noon. Bring something to grill on our bbq or munch on if you want.

Sunday noon-2pm: BKG

In addition, this Sunday the Boulder Knowledge Group will be meeting at our space from noon to 2pm. See the Meetup.com page for more info.

Second Solderday recap:

Last Saturday we had our Second Second Solderday and were happy to show some people how to do some basic soldering. Some came to work on other projects and we fired up the grill for lunch too. For next month’s Second Solderday we will do the Tiny Cylon Kitt.

Second Second Solderday

This coming Saturday January 14 from noon until 2pm we will hold another soldering open house. The flavor of this event will be like last month: open-house style, likely to be followed by heating up the bbq grill for a late lunch, etc. If soldering is not your thing but you’ve wanted to check out the space, here’s another opportunity to come see it and hang out with like-minded individuals.

Next month we plan to do a more specialized project, such as:

  • assemble the Tiny Cylon kits we purchased a while back
  • making cables for guitars
  • some other task-based kit

If there is something you would like to see us host for a future Solderday please let us know.