BoD and Officer History

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2019 Board of Directors 2019 Officers
Alex Kramarchuk President: TBD
Carter Schultz Vice President: TBD
Dan Julio Marketing Officers: TBD
Forrest Marvin Operations Officer: TBD
Jacob Dodd Technical Officers: TBD
Jennifer Farmer Treasurer: TBD
Sp3ct3r Secretary: TBD
2018 Board of Directors 2018 Officers
Andrew Adare President: Alex Kramarchuk
Carter Schultz Vice President: Carter Schultz
Jennifer Farmer Marketing Officers: Bryant Hadley, Jacob Dodd & Dan Julio
Liz Baumann Operations Officer: Forrest Marvin
Sp3ct3r Technical Officers: Sp3ct3r, Stephen & Chrobi
Tim Pegg Treasurer: Tim Pegg
Todd “Bitreaper” Lawall Secretary: Sp3ct3r
2017 Board of Directors 2017 Officers
Andrew Adare President: Alex Kramarchuk
Christopher "Chrobi" Robinson Vice President: Ted Briggs
Dan Julio Chief Marketing Officer: unfilled
Mike Seiler Chief Operations Officer: Andrew Bigoney
Tim Pegg Chief Technical Officer: Christopher "Chrobi" Robinson
Todd “Bitreaper” Lawall Treasurer: Tim Pegg
Secretary: Dan Julio
2016 Board of Directors 2016 Officers
Joel Bartlett President: Brandon Skari
Andrew Bigoney Vice President: Mike Seiler
Rob Bryan Marketing Officer: Sarah Gjestvang
John English Operations Officer: Christian Lott
Sarah Gjestvang Technical Officer: Andrew Bigoney
Chris "Chrobi" Robinson Treasurer: John English
Brandon Skari Secretary: Liz Baumann
2015 Board of Directors 2015 Officers
Ben Burdette President: Brandon Skari
Brandon Skari Vice President: Jonah Eskin
Joel Bartlett Marketing Officers: Ryan St. Pierre, Todd “Bitreaper” Lawall
John English Operations Officer: Christopher "Chrobi" Robinson
Jonah Eskin Technical Officer: Mike Seiler
Rob Bryan Treasurer: Liz Baumann
Todd Lawall Secretary: Ben Burdette
2014 Board of Directors 2014 Officers
Ben Burdette President: Joel Bartlett
Dan Julio Vice President: John English
John English Marketing Officer: Jesse Allison-Carpenter
Joel Bartlett Operations Officer: Jeff Blamey
Liz Baumann Technical Officer: Dan Julio
Marianne Reddan Treasurer: Liz Baumann
Rob Bryan Secretary: Andy Tracy
2013 Board of Directors 2013 Officers
Andy Tracy President: Joel Bartlett
Bryant Hadley Vice President: John English
Dan Julio Marketing Officers: Jeff Blamey, Paul Birkelo, Brian Krent
Joel Bartlett Operations Officer: Bryant Hadley
John English Technical Officer: Chris "Chrobi" Robinson
Treasurer: Liz Baumann
Secretary: Andy Tracy
Facilities: Dan Julio